It’s our purpose to help brands to give their customers the experience they desire and need. Together we find what problems needs solving. We also teach you how to deliver solutions that grow your business.

Case: TheyDo


The Challenge

Get everyone aligned around the customer journey

Working with clients big and small has taught us that the new norm; to work customer-centric is proven to be far from easy. Over the course of 10 years working in the trenches and coaching and training people and teams to transition from being process-oriented to place their customers at the center of their business, we learned that there is no standard for working customer-centric. Many reinvent the wheel and encounter the same challenges. With that in mind, we set out to build a platform that empowers businesses and people to work customer-centric in a systematic way.

  • Identity
  • UI
  • Validated roadmap
  • UX
  • Online platform
  • System architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

All your journeys in one place

TheyDo turns customer insights into company-wide knowledge so you know what to work on next. It’s one place to create, share and improve customer journeys to keep your team to stay focused on the right customer insights.

User Interface components

We aim to be the Jira for customer-centricity and are on the road to build a scalable platform that can accommodate all the different workflows and methodologies out there. From Design Thinking, Lean & Agile development to hard-core UX research. TheyDo has you covered. The first stage is to build the thing everyone needs most: one place to manage all your customer journeys.

We aim to be the Jira of customer centric innovation

Charles Beaumont - Co Founder & CTO

Circular Journeys

A key benefit is TheyDo’s iconic circular customer journey. It answers a common problem of long linear journey formats that never fit a screen or take up a whole wall making them impossible to share or collaborate around. For the first time, you can see any customer journey in one screen assuring that the user always gets the big picture regardless of your screen size.

Highlight problem areas, showing how solutions remove customer’s pains, organize multiple journeys into one space, sharing everything across organizations is a matter of a click. Our innovative tool and interface is not only functional but delightful and simple to work with.

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