It’s our purpose to help brands to give their customers the experience they desire and need. Together we find what problems needs solving. We also teach you how to deliver solutions that grow your business.

Case: Randstad

Building a business-wide design practice, customer-centric.

It’s the customer who decides, not your boss

We co-created Randstad’s design system and redefined the entire way of working by placing Randstad’s user in the center of everything they do. Over the course of 16 months, we worked with their digital teams, PO’s and managers to enable them to increase consistency and improve lean methodology assuring efficiency across their IT and Marketing organization. In short, we helped Randstad become a customer-centric business. By coaching teams and employees on how to deliver end-user centric concepts that are validated and designed around real needs.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Vision
  • Agile Coaching
  • Design System development
  • Design training
  • UX Design


Our collaboration has helped Randstad to deliver their ‘Human Forward’ promise to their talents, clients and internal staff thanks to products designed around their needs.

They helped us redefine our entire way of working by placing our user in the centre of everything we do.
Monique de Jong - IT Director Randstad NL