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Case: La Trappe

Help sharing the 'why' behind La Trappe.

The challenge

La Trappe is famous for its beer, but very few know the true story behind its reason to exist

La Trappe is everything but a traditional business. It’s created by Trappists to carry their mission forward: To return ‘our world’ in a better state than we got it. The beer the Trappist monks are brewing in their Koningshoeven monastery is just a means to distribute money to those who need it more. A beautiful purpose that needs to be shared and told and not be kept inside its monastery walls.

But the La Trappe monks’ busy schedules are not allowing them to spread this message, so who will?

  • Qualitative Interviews
  • Customer Research
  • Persona development
  • Business Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design
  • Front-End development
  • Validated personas
  • Framework for marketing
  • Positioning
  • Website


Give to those who search

To better understand how to engage the world with La Trappe’s purpose, we needed to learn more about what kind of people engage with La Trappe and why they do it. After some deep diving interviews we quickly learned that there where as many drivers as customer profiles. Everything from people who only are buying La Trappe for their award winning beers, all the way to fans who want to spend some days in silence at the Trappist monastery. So we went deeper and identified how La Trappe can be drive customer value beyond beer and how customers through their sign of appreciation can be relevant to the La Trappe, a win win relationship.

Taste the silence and respectfully reflect about what matters in life.

Trappist monks in Koningshoeven monastery


Give, and it will be given to you.

We created a new online platform where La Trappe’s customers, regardless of personal preference and needs feel that La Trappe adds value beyond beer. For people being interested in beer only we deliver personal offers and exclusive limited edition access. For customers connecting with the La Trappe’s stories we offer charity reports, how to participate in charity activities, beer recipes, access to brewery tours and tastings. For true fans who look for a deeper connection we provide passion dinners with monks and exclusive monastery silence retreats. What do we get back? Customers who realise that La Trappe is way more than beer, people who will tell our stories to others.