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Case: Bavaria

Bring Bavaria back to its former glory.

The challenge

Bring Bavaria back to its former glory.

What do you do with a down-to-earth brand that has been overshadowed by guys like Charlie Sheen and Mickey Rourke over the years? Go back to the roots and remove all the bling bling. How? By giving the brand’s core values the main stage and identifying how these values can satisfy their customers’ needs.

Together with the Bavaria brand team, we identified who Bavaria’s true customers are and why they love they brand. We took these insights and merged them with Bavaria’s 300-year-old brand values which resulted in a customer-centric brand ecosystem. Today Bavaria’s brand trackers are looking great, the family has its longest-lasting brand back in position and above all the Bavaria drinkers are proud of their beer again.

  • Consumer research
  • Journey mapping
  • Brand strategy
  • Positioning
  • Persona development
  • Visual identity
  • Design direction
  • Comms framework


A brand foundation based on what the Bavaria consumer wants, designed around the moment Bavaria claims: Zo.

“Really enjoyed the process of working together, discussing and deciding. And very very happy with where we are today.”

Erik Soeteman, Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager NL, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers