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Case: Ahold

Help Albert Heijn to better service its B2B customers.

The challenge

B2B ≠ B2C

One of the biggest B2C brands in the country, Albert Heijn, realised that their B2C business wasn’t optimised to service their B2B customers. We got 4 months to solve this problem. To deliver maximum impact, we gave the B2B customers the main stage to in person tell Albert Heijn what they thought worked and what didn’t. We held workshops, traveled the country, even empathise with the customers to experience their pains and needs. Within two months we had trusted data how to change the existing B2C product portfolio into a B2B service offering.

  • Design sprint
  • Qualitative Interviews
  • Customer Research
  • Persona development
  • Business Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Validated personas
  • Framework for marketing
  • Validated customer journeys
  • Prioritised B2B service backlog

“ helped us to define the ‘why’ behind our data driven customer segmentation, giving us clarity how to service them better.”

Marc Liem - Brand activation manager B2B


Validated insights why Albert Heijn’s customers do what they do.

Using TheyDo we mapped Albert Heijn’s B2B customers and their master journeys combined with the Double Diamond method we defined their pains and needs in such a way that the Albert Heijn instantly knew what areas to fix and how to prioritise them. The result an interactive dashboard that demystified their B2B business landscape.