We’re a human-centered design team. It's our purpose to help companies understand how to prioritise and teach your teams how to design and deliver future-proof results.

Case: Spryng

How a digital dialog improves staff efficiency.

We helped Spryng becoming a future-proof SMS provider in a price driven and saturated market.

How we did it

Using in depth client and end-user needs we reconstructed Spryng’s proposition and the company’s way of working to be more efficient and future proof. During our rejuvenation process we identified business purpose, organisation setup and role definitions. In our design process we identified an entirely new way of handling (new) business requests empowering Spryng to filter and prioritise its business leads.


Increase in employee efficiency and detailed 2 year business roadmap.

What we did


Journey mapping

Business strategy

Role & organisation strategy

Product vision

Brand manifest

Product design

Frontend development

More work