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There are only 2 ways to get people moving

Jochem van der Veer - December 16, 2019

Working as a designer has taught me a simple truth about people: there are in essence only two ways that gets them moving: by force or by asking. By force: making people do things they don't want. By removing obstacles: If you know what gets in the way you can design ways to remove each obstacle. Making it easy for people to do the thing they want effortlessly.

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Why most CX efforts still fail to deliver

Martin Palamarz - December 8, 2019

By now most of us agree that customers’ opinions are an essential source of information helping businesses to offer better services so they in turn stay competitive.  Over the years we’ve seen new job titles such as head of Customer Experience (CX) or CX Lead being added to the organisation lineup. 

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Take calibrated bets before firing the big guns

Jochem van der Veer - December 8, 2019

When do you go all in on an idea? Is it because you think it’s the best thing ever? Or because you know you are right? Probably a combination of both. A lot of companies keep making that same mistake over and over. They bet on something big because it sounds good. Or it looks promising or it fits their biased view of the world.

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Stop running in circles and ship work that matters

Bram Willemse - December 1, 2019

Right after I finished ‘It doesn’t have to be crazy at work’ – go read it, it’s great! – out came ‘Shape Up’, a web only book by Basecamp product strategist Ryan Singer. The former is about building a calm company, focused on getting the best out of your people, instead of the most. The latter is about Basecamp’s way of work, focused on actual product design & development.

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